Tour Stops Announced!

June 28, 2016

Coming to a town near you!

We are really excited to announce our itinerary for the Just Say Hello Tour, along with (approximate) dates of when we will be in each place!  We wanted to add so many more stops, and there is still a possibility we will add some stops in or have to remove some stops dependent on how the tour goes time wise.  I'll update this post as we shift or change the itinerary so that it is always up to date, and you can also look at a list of cities and follow our route on

Where We Will Be, and When:

July 9-10 Spokane

July 15-17 Boulder/Denver

July 19-21 Chicago

July 21-24 Indianapolis

July 24-27 Columbus, OH

July 28-31 Philadelphia

August 1-4 Boston

August 4-9 NYC

August 17-24 Baltimore/D.C.

August 27-30 Raleigh

August 30-31 Charlotte

Sept 1-4 Savannah

Sept 11-13 Orlando

Sept 14 Atlanta

Sept 15-20 Nashville

Sept 21-22 Memphis

Sept 23-25 Tulsa

Sept 26 Houston

Sept 27-30 Austin

Oct 2-5 Tucson

Oct 9 Las Vegas

Oct 10-14 Los Angeles

Oct 15 Fresno

Oct 16-20 San Francisco/Oakland

Oct 23 Ashland, OR

Oct 25-28 Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA

Oct 29 Seattle

We are beyond excited to come Say Hello in a city near you soon.  Follow along on Facebook and Instagram as we move along on our journey and share the stories of people we meet.

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Looking forward to seeing you in Seattle October 29th! What a great thing you are doing for the community!

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